‘Tis The Season for Gorgeous Trees & Perennials


Blueberry bushes on a warm, sunny day with fruit waiting to ripen.

Come check out our fantastic selection of trees, shrubs and perennials!  It’s a great time to shift focus to the more permanent aspects of your landscape.  A particularly popular item and staff favorite is blueberry bushes.  Add a couple of new shrubs each year and soon you’ll have a sweet blueberry patch.


Our resident feline, Cheezy Poof keeping an eye on the perennials.

Jess took her annual trip up to our perennial grower in Fairfax, Vermont yesterday, so look out for an awesome fresh selection of plants arriving tomorrow.  It’s always fun to go see firsthand what they’ve got growing and bring in all the best, brightest, coolest stuff.  Stop in soon for the best selection.  We can’t wait to see you!